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A comprehensive checklist for the Boeing 737-800 from Benedikt Strattmann and Pierre Stone, EADT
Use this instead of the Checklister plugin — you'll be happy you did.

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v0.6.1 [ 04.10.2012 ] beta!
Procedural updates
v0.6 [ 03.16.2012 ] beta!
Added edit functions (reset checklists, set V-speeds); Compressed checklist menu to save space; various performance improvements; cleaned up the dirty language all over the site
v0.5 [ 03.14.2012 ] pi day!
Improved Navigation, Added Vref speed recall & checklist integration, contact form, about, credits, help dialog, donation form
v0.3 [ 03.13.2012 ]
Added about half the checklists; pagination works, leading dots on lists, added safety notice and setup information
v0.2 [ 03.12.2012 ]
Procedural update; tabs work.
v0.1 [ 03.09.2012 ]
Rough draft


Hyper-realistic Checklisting Action!
Our checklists feature the same checked boxes that real pilots use - everyday!
V-Speed Input & Recall
Never worry about what speed to rotate at - It's a part of your checklist!
Updated "Blade Element Theory"
We take each element of our checklist and determine the drag coefficient on it - meaning no more laggy checklist framerates!
Clear-all Checked Items
Crash? That's ok - you can reset our checklist at the click of a button.

Upcoming features:

More hot, hot, x737 action!
x737FMC? You got it! UFMC? Sure! Got a killer checklist for either of these, or for something else? Email me!
For all those long-winded diatribes on your flight plan.
Performance Calculator
Are you sick and tired of having to open MS Excel to calculate your fuel consumption, etc? Just you wait, sweetie. Just you wait.
Add your own items to any checklist!
Nitpicky? So are we. Soon, you'll be able to add your own checklist data to any existing checklist!